Make grow ring

hello. I’m a college student and I’m trying to make a tree ring using a grasshopper.

As for the algorithm I’ve been working on so far, I’m trying to express the annual rings of trees based on sunlight data.

  1. Divide the circle into 24 parts and make each point.

  2. Grab 24 vectors from the center of the circle to the material point.

  3. Bring the amount of sunlight received from 0 to 24 arranged in Excel to Grasshopper
    (At this time, the amount of sunlight received is set to 1 to 100 with the maximum value of 100.)

  4. Multiply an Excel numeric value with a vector.

  • (Increase amount x 1)
  1. Add x1 to the first circle (A0) and continue with A1, A1 + x2, and A2 + x3.

Finally, a small increment is accumulated at a small increment value, and a large increment is accumulated at a large increment value, leading to eccentricity

As a result, I ask a question because it seems a little unnatural to see it as a tree ring. I want to add softer natural lines, but it doesn’t seem to work.

this is algorithm
3주차.gh (40.5 KB)

최근 최소 최대.zip (6.7 KB)

All the geometries are only referenced, not internalized.
Please attach the .3dm used or internalize the geometries.

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