Make 2D visibility problem

I am trying to create some axonometries from a 3d model. When i use the command Make2D, all lines from the multiple closed polysurfaces are displayed as invisible lines. When I select only one object at a time however, the make2D command works correctly. The3D model was imported from another 3D software (export from Cadwork as .3dm)
Does anybody know this issue and how i can fix it? thanks in advance!

Cilgia, can you post the geometry you are working with?

Please check you how far from the origin the imported geometry comes in, as well as the document tolerance (type units in the command line) Thanks.

Hi Japhy, thanks for your reply. I fixed the problem by 1) copying the geometry to another file (there was already a better result, some lines displayed as visible but still messy) 2) deleting one “bad” surface segment of a polysurface. There is probably an export issue with cadwork (hence copying to another file) and the bad surface caused more problems with the make2D.

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