Make 2D of mesh

So I am trying to do a make 2D of meshes that developed in maya. However, when I do the make 2d there are a lot of confusing lines (especially when I take sections) that I have to sort through and delete, taking me hours. Does anyone know how I could clean this up by converting to nurbs or something?

Hi - converting to NURBS will most likely not help much in that case. When making sectioned Make2D drawings, the cut face will be open and reveal the edges of the faces behind. Depending on the situation, these can be relative easy to find, though. Best to post a 3dm file so that somebody can try to help.

I am facing a similar issue. I tried meshtonurbs but since the face count is very high, Rhino hangs and freezes. How do I make2d for a mesh object?


Hi -

The Make2D command accepts mesh input.

Sorry. I should have been more detailed in my query. The output for make2d for meshes gives very less number of lines. The inner network curves are absent in the 2d output.

If you unweld the whole mesh then you get all the edges.

Run the Unweld command at the angle of 0.

Thanks! This method works flawlessly. Took some time though. :+1:t4:

Yep, I saw that:

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