Make 2-D Drawing

Hi All,

Does anyone know how can I use make 2d drawing in C#? OR how the make 2d drawing works?

I need to get the 2d top and side view of my 3d models Automatically with my C# plugin so I either have to use something like make 2d ( which I don’t know what that would be. ) or find out how that works and make one for myself.

on the other hand, using the runscript is the last option because it is too slow loading.

Check this sample using the HiddenLineDrawing API to Make2D

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Thanks a lot,
I’ll check it right away

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thanks Nathan,
I Checked and it works Perfectly,

I just have another simple question which might not be related to this topic.

In this code we have two types of lines: hidden and visible.
but in some parts they are placed on top of each other, so is there a way to delete or trim hidden lines with duplicated visible lines?
thanks a lot.

You could check if lines are parallel and the end points match or for the hidden line fall within the domain of the visible line. In that case you can remove the hidden line.

You can check if any of these methods help you: Intersection Methods

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Thank you so much.

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Enjoy programming with the RhinoCommon SDK and Rhino!

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