Macro/script help

Hi to all on the forum. I wonder if someone may be able to help. I’m wanting to create a Macro/Script to perform a small routine in Rhino. I wish to be able to pick an arbitrary point along a line or curve using the ''nearest" osnap and click on it. At that point I then wish it to remove a 1mm long segment of the line leaving a 1mm gap in the line. I would wish to be able to continue to pick multiple points at a time. Whether the gap is 0.5mm either side of the pick point or all to one side doesn’t matter. The only other thing that would be nice is if I could choose the length of the cut segment myself. Happy to pay for someones service.Thanks Mark.

Hi Mark,

here is a script you can try, should work as described:
SplitCurveWithGap.rvb (1.6 KB)



Hi Jarek. Brilliant. Thanks so much. Mark.