Machine Learning for steel column (LunchBoxML): "Solution exception index outside boundaries"

I have generated data for a simple steel column that I use in the adapted example provided by Proven Ground. I get the error message in the ML component “1. Solution exception:De index ligt buiten de matrixgrenzen.” (index outside matrix boundaries)
Anyone have a clue what is wrong ?

LunchboxML (5.9 KB)

I didn’t open your file since I don’t have the plugin installed, but try check for different lists having different lengths which needs to be the same length. That’s a typical cause.

// Rolf

Hi Rolf,

Thanks for the tip; I checked and the list “train L_cr+N_Ed” has 636 items and than the “train kg/m1” has also 636 items which I expect is exacly the same length. Or is this list too long ? Is there a maximum of say 200 values ?

No no… you can have millions of values, no problem.

// Rolf

I am facing the similar problem. Did anyone got the solution?

neural (14.8 KB)