MAC Python IDE

I simply meant that you import the RhinoCommon assembly and use geometry types from it directly (i.e. not wrapped in a GUID). Something like this:

import Rhino as rc

# Inspect the Rhino Geometry namespace
print dir(rc.Geometry)

# Make some points and a line
a = rc.Geometry.Point3d(0,0,0)
b = rc.Geometry.Point3d(0,1,1)
c = rc.Geometry.Line(a,b)

# Inspect the line
print help(c)
print dir(c)

However that can also be a bit more involved and confusing if you’re just starting out (especially if you’re operating on the Rhino Doc and dealing with GUIDs etc). That said, if you ever start writing Grasshopper Python components I would recommend sticking with straight up RhinoCommon (there’s a couple of threads as to why over on the GH forum).

Either way, help() and dir() are very useful functions to figure out what the heck is going on…

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Thanks Alain, these are great news!

Did any windows user try to get SublimeText Anaconda extension running properly?

I’m not able to configure it properly. What I’ve add to my Anaconda.sublime-settings file:

"anaconda_linting": false,
"display_signatures": true,
    "C:/Users/Ángel/AppData/Roaming/McNeel/Rhinoceros/5.0/Plug-ins/IronPython (814d908a-e25c-493d-97e9-ee3861957f49)/settings/lib"


Any advice?

I got SublimeCodeIntel making the same work than Anaconda just adding the folders with the references to the folder but I’m still struggling trying to get the .NET libraries referenced (any idea about how to work around?)

P.S.: waiting for a response I think that I’m going to stick to my Eclipse solution for now.

updated for Rhino 6 the connection between VS Code and Rhino for IronPython scripts…

I find myself in the same case, you managed to solve it?