Mac Grasshopper Plugins

Hi there!

So I am working with grasshopper for mac (unfortunately) and I would like to know, which Plugins are available nowadays.
I found this post: Plugin Database
but it did not really help me.
I tried to install Plugins via “File>SpecialFolders>ComponentsFolder”, the plugins are there already, but they are not shown in the panel. Or did I misunderstood the way it works? Or is it just not possible?
Thanks so much!

I’ve installed: Pufferfish, Weaverbird, PanelingTools, Human, LunchBox, Anemone, Silkworm2, Starling, Bifocals, Cocoon, Exoskeleton, Fattener, K2Engineering, MeshEdit, MeshTools, Plankton, and ShortestWalk. Each and every one of those works great in the latest Rhino/Grasshopper for macOS.

What specific plugins do you want to install?

I would like to install kangoroo, Ladybug and Honeybee

Kangaroo works fine! It comes pre-bundled with Rhino 6. If you’re still using Rhino 5, you need to download it from and put it into your ComponentsFolder.
I don’t know about the Ladybug tools though.

Hi, Can you help me with Starling for mac grasshopper?

Hi, what exactly do you need help with?

Where is possible to download Starling for mac?

Sorry :slight_smile: I got it.
Have a nice day.

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Hi, how did install K2Engineering ? Grasshopper doesn’t seem to find it in my folder with other plugins…

Have you put it into the Components folder as described above? Mine is located there and loads properly!

Well, it was it the right folder, but I had only downloaded the cs files from Github. Found the .gha file, and now everything works just fine, thanks for the quick reply !

Hi can you help me to find a download for cocoon for mac. Thanks

Welcome @Kakapo84,

Sure, you can find it here: