Mac Display Modes preference panel broken

Hi, I have been making a bunch of custom display modes, and found that the more I add, duplicate, customize, the more the UI degrades. See attached screenshots for specific issues:

  1. fixed width panels prevents me from readjusting to be able to read entire display mode name. Title baseline location is offset to the left problematically.
  2. various selectable customizations grey out over the course of making adjustments/customizations/duplications of a particular displaymode. Do display modes shift around what they can display, independent of the original default view mode it was created from?
    i.e. do “artistic” display modes stay as “artistic” or do they become “shaded” if particular customizations are turned off when duplicated?

I can identify the issue with the first bug which is that when one makes enough display modes as to require a scroll bar, the insertion of the scroll bar moves the text to the left, making it unreadable. See screenshots for before and after.

It would be great if the height, width, and division width of these panels were customizable by the user instead of fixed permanently.