M1 and Rhino 6

I have a proper workstation to run Rhino 6 in I just want to know can I run Rhino 6 on the new macbook pro (M1 ARM processor) to show clients basic models and maybe export some layouts. I know there have been updates for Rhino 7 regarding M1 but is that being applied to rhino 6. I haven’t purchased it yet but this will be a big factor.

Hi @dcomeau

M1 support is R7 only, I believe.


You can try it. The risk is yours to assume.
No guarantees and not any real help if it doesn’t work.

Try it out with the V7 evaluation version…

Thanks for the feedback guys. Apologies if I came off a little blunt. I love rhino and this seems like some uncharted territory. I might get it and start a bug log. Happy Friday !

Don’t bother if it’s for Rhino 6, nothing is going to be done to fix it if it doesn’t work with M1 (or pretty much anything else for that matter).

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