Lumion does not recognize all rhino textures

I have been using lumion for years and this has never happened to me, despite being painted with the same color / material in Rhino, lumion takes object by object and not all at once (as it should be).
exported in collada (.dae). and it should be noted that this only happens to me with geometries made in grasshopper and not necessarily complex ones.
I have uploaded some images that help to understand the problem, thanks in advance!

Hi, I can’t help here much as I don’t use Lumion but have you contacted the developers of it directly yet? You might try any other formats they support as a test as well, maybe FBX or OBJ? Baked geometry from GH shouldn’t be any different from manually modeled geometry.

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Hi, thanks Brian for answering, the problem is quite simple, and the fault was clearly mine due to ignorance.
It turns out that I was baking the geometry from the Custom preview and not from the Brep, I don’t know why this causes the materials to not be recognized at once in lumion

Thanks for posting the fix!

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