Looping Energyplus simulation

Hi Everyone,

I am trying to loop a process where I convert an images into 3D object and then to IDF, I have developed a workflow to do this and now I want to automate this process of multiple images. I figured that I might need some custom scripting for it. I wrote a script where I import all the images from a folder, now the problem is I need all the IDF to have a unique name for a unique image. I am having hard time figuring where to add a script to do this. I know we can give an IDF name in an run energy simulation node, but I am confused how to add script to that.
Basically I want to iterate over the same workflow with multiple unique input and save the unique outputs.
Has anybody ever faced this problem? or know how to solve it? Any help will be appreciated.

Cheers.model_1_test.gh (658.3 KB) 30 31


It would be better to anyone and easy if you share some files which you’re working/ screenshots.


I have uploaded the gh file and the images that I was working with. Hope this makes the problem more clear.