Loop of Vector list and single Point

Hey there,
I’m new to c# but realised in past projects that it can be very helpful in gh.
The goal now is:
One start point and use a list of vectors to move it. To get a List of Points.
This List should countian the start Point and then a Point with the first Vector added. The Third Point is the second Vector added to the last Point……
I wanted to try and achieve that using a loop and a Last Point command but don’t really know how to integrate that.
Did I make a mistake in my though process? Is a loop even the right tool for this or am I just missing the last step?
pt_vec_loop.gh (4.5 KB)


Something like that ?

pt_vec_loop.gh (6.2 KB)

Thank you :kissing_heart:

Is the only way (if you want to be in high demand).

Given the opportunity: See attached and spot how the self ccx option is used. Can you add some Recursive expansion and do a “tree” like Graph? (flat or not) Or do some “linear” random Truss?

Graph_LinearWithSelfCcxCheck_V1.gh (124.2 KB)