Loop edited list


could someone help me out explaining how to loop a changing list?

i put a minimal example together. in there i want to integrate a random lisitem, then cull a random listitem and then go over and over again.


loopexample.gh (10.6 KB)

I don’t understand clearly what you want inside or outside of your loop, but here’s a basic setup, using the iteration counter of anemone, for random seed.

loopexample_re.gh (16.8 KB)


Its a growing pattern. :slight_smile:

Thank you very much! Im stil testing, but it seems it works for me so far.
Now i have a other problem, i have to save some curves which get crated through the loop. Because i have to delete some of the points, after several loops, just the ones where i didnt delete some of teir points i can keep.

Do you know any solution?

got it all now!
it works, thanks! :slight_smile: