Iteration on list number/ looking for a loop

Hi Guys and Girls!

To start: I’m fairly new to grasshopper and rhino, thereby it can be that my question has already been answered or total nonsense. Also, im not totally sure if I put this thread on its righteous address ( feel free to displace)

So, I’m working on a code that deforms an object depending on its position in a xy-grid.
Now, that part works atm but, I can only point every single coordinate separately, if I try to use a series or loop, the thing totally fails and crashes the program.
Is there a way where I can run a loop that changes the inputs separately?
And how is it called?
Some pictures for info

1- Welcome to this forum.
2- You need to turn on “Fancy wires”. (on Display tab)
(I’m wondering how you managed to even achieve that without seeing them :astonished: )
3- Can you upload your solution? (if you have referenced rhino geometries, internalize them or upload rhino file also…)

Thank you, fancy wires is turned on ( so I don’t know what you mean with that?)
I will upload the solution whenever it will be available

So I had to GRAFT the INPUT.
@maje90, the rest of the code (what’s in front of the picture, is just a grid.)
So you actually have the code, right sitting here!