Looking to Remove Z's from list - tweak existing ghpython component

Would like to tweak this ghpython component to remove all z’s from the list …other methods are acceptable…

remove z’s.gh (12.8 KB)

I don’t know how to modify the python code for this purpose but its a 2 node deal in GH.

20230508_remove z’s_Response.gh (14.7 KB)



Here’s a quick one liner list comprehension:

remove z’s_AHD.gh (10.3 KB)


@michaelvollrath, Thank you … your screen shot and the file you uploaded are two different things, what’s the file you shared used for? … and when I do it, it doesn’t work? Don’t know what I’m doing wrong.

Make sure the z is capitalized. It may be case sensitive. As far as the file, I have edited my original reply with the correct file. This is what happens when I am up too late :upside_down_face:

@michaelvollrath, no worries … thanks for the help!