Looking to purchase a new laptop to run Rhinoceros. Any suggestions?

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Hello friends - joining this conversation on the late side - I’m new to using Rhino and desperately need to buy a new computer. Please take a look at my attachment which lists some of the laptops I’m considering to buy, disregard the MSI. I LOVE the ThinkPad p52, but it’s very expensive for me. Anyone think the Alienware would run rhino really well and I’d have a nice screen display?
Someone mentioned a Dell 7350??? was a good one too?
Need to make a decision very soon and would love to hear your collective thoughts. Thanks, Nancy


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Hi Redjester -

I’m just wondering what laptop you ended up buying. Looks like I’m doing all of the research you’ve already done. See my post if you have a minute, thanks!



I have a Lenovo P52s with the Quadro P500 and it is perfect for Rhino and Vray for my work. Obviously the GPU is slower but the portability is great, super slim and light.



I think anything with 16GB+ and gtx1050ti +
would be a great performer.

How will the weight be in your equation? They maybe a bit on the chunky side…


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Newly launched Thinkpad P1 or X1 Extreme look very strong candidates (Main difference Quadro v. GTX).


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Andrew, so are you saying the Thinkpad P52 is a good choice to run rhino? your note above is really detailed, it’s a bit hard for me to understand.


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Thank you so much for your answer, Toshiaki.
Many of the replies are very technical. I’m a designer! You have this laptop? dell XPS15 9650 GTX1050

Happy with it for running Rhino?


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Thank you for your reply, Miles_Alex. Leaning towards a Lenovo or Dell. Many choices, and it’s confusing.



@nancy XPS15 9650 GTX1050 is ok.
For the3D modelling I do it’s ok, but for raytraced rendering it’s a bit slow.

Say, rendering quickly and getting real-time feedback is a bit slow.

If you can wait 30min~1hr, you’ll have good level render.

Another is I have 4K display, so it’s nice to see, but battery life is not enough for me… 3~4hr on battery maybe…



ThinkPad P52 with Nvidia Quadro P3200 graphics card is the best laptop computer for CAD work. Probably the most powerful CPU that is compatible with the P3200 graphics card is Core i7-8850H. All ThinkPads have good cooling, very good keyboard, and protective roll cage. Dell Precision laptops are second best. When ThinkPad laptop drops on the floor, its roll cage absorbs impact energy. When Dell Precision laptop drops on the floor, its motherboard breaks and absorbs impact energy.


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That’s not true. I dropped mine inside a thin bag/thin foam sleeve from the height of the back seat of my bike (very tall), landed on its corner on hard pavement. No internal damage. There’s definitely a beefy chassis/cage here.



NVIDIA GeForce GTX are GPUs optimized for video games. NVIDIA Quadro GPUs are optimized for CAD work. The most powerful Quadro GPU for laptops is P5200. Its heat output is extreme: 150 watts. Nvidia Quadro P5000 Max-Q is almost as powerful, but more efficient. Its heat output is only 80 watts.

Nvidia Quadro P3200 is the most powerful GPU used by ThinkPad P52 laptop. Some Dell Precision laptops use more powerful GPUs. Lenovo will soon make ThinkPad P72 which has the most powerful GPUs. more info about ThinkPad P72: https://www.lenovo.com/us/en/laptops/thinkpad/thinkpad-p/ThinkPad-P72/p/22WS2WPWP72

comparison of laptop GPUs: https://www.notebookcheck.net/Mobile-Graphics-Cards-Benchmark-List.844.0.html
comparison of laptop CPUs: https://www.notebookcheck.net/Mobile-Processors-Benchmarklist.2436.0.html



Hello Andrew. Your comparison is very well explained … I currently spend hours in the network to find the best solution for me. I want better performance for Rhino Modeling (partly also big vehicle models), rendering with V-Ray and Keyshot and I also want to get more involved in the VR area and visualize architectural scenes … like to create animations. I wonder if the P5200 gets so hot that it loses performance again ?! And if the current P4200 is a good alternative for that? Currently, I spend a lot of time configuring the Dell Precision 7730. And I am also unsure whether the new i9 processors are worse than the older i7?
Do you know my questions to answer? And why do many people adore the Dell devices? Is it only because of the price?

Sadly I am very bad at interpreting the benchmark analysis… I am simply a designer and good as a user… but no expert in technical stuff.:roll_eyes:

Hope to get from you an answer, because I think you give the best ones!:star_struck:



A part of my question I answered a few minutes on my own… here’s a comparison between P4200 and P5200.
And the i9 seem to be only abot 3% more effective than the i7 - built in the Dell Precision 7530 with P3000.