Looking for some brief Rhino 7 coaching, on a paid basis

I am looking for some brief coaching, on a paid basis, with one selected respondent, focussed on my long standing project, to get two smaller sized projects, fully operative in Rhino v7. I will have 3dm files to share in that endeavor, but not before. (Preferably On Zoom). I have 27 years experience with formZ (and one year prior to that with Silverscreen, on DOS 5 & 6. SilverScreen Solid Modeler)

I would hope these coached sessions could convert one native Rhino file and one other imported file of objects, into the most expedient Rhino 7 objects types (or breps), available, for making Trimesh object(s), which might involve complete overhauling the geometry. The objective of this service is to easily adjust the resulting polygonal entity with sliders.

My objective includes only getting this basic task done, and as little abc stuff as possible. All cursor movements, and the menus uses, or dialog boxes, or command line entries must be duplicated, on my end. The more skill conveyed the better, but cost is somewhat critical. I would prefer an intel-Mac session on both sides, yours and mine, (OSX 11 or up), to accomplish this, but will consider a Windows 10 session, (not Windows 11). I seek the best communicability of which I am able to afford (through paypal, googlepay, discovercard or local check only).

Please PM me, (privately send a message to me), including bids for a proposed-session-cost. I will also consider non English language speech, if the user-interface is English language based, and your cursor and your UI is clearly legible, but coherent English speech with precise Rhino terminology is preferred, if I can afford that, (even on Windows 10, but Mac UI is preferred).

Questions on my details are welcome here, for the time being. I will respond to PMs, to the best of my ability, until this is all done, and my deadline might extend as far as Dec 15, or possibly earlier, on a first come, first serves basis. I will post the closing of this offer, right after my adequate duplication of this work flow occurs.

Here is my 2009, work in progress, ferrocement & proof of concepts: