Looking for help on high design architectural project

We are a prefabrication company based in Dallas, TX. We are currently working on a detailing and fabricating an intricate lattice system that is made of tube steel and clad with custom cut plywood.

We have already completed one of the four elevations and need help catching up with the modeling and detailing work. We have created a grasshopper script and need assistance labeling and organizing the 5000+ parts that will be located and cut using a cnc router. Rhino and CAD experience are necessary, grasshopper and/or CAM software would be a plus.

The client on the project is a world renowned architect and this work will certainly create lots of recognition and acknowledgement. Please let me know if you have any questions regarding this opportunity. A local candidate would be ideal, but we are willing to be flexible with pay and schedule.


Hi Andrew, Can you send me an example of what you are trying to do? Labeling and Locating for CNC can be pretty easy if you’re some what organized. I’m not looking for side work, just to help out if i can.

I have sent you a dm.