Looking for GH + Kangaroo Freelancer!


I’m looking for a freelancer who’s skilled at GH + Kangaroo, in particular constraints & collisions via 6DOF.

Additional knowledge of C+ / C#, Python, Scripting…. is a major plus.

This is “NOT” a paid gig, but could turn out to be either paid for work done up to this point or financial compensation for additional future work.

This project should not take more then 2-3 weeks.

So, a “free freelancer”? :rofl:

I’m curious about this, can you add more information? Even via PM.


“Freelancer” today has two different meanings, one of which is you do not work for a company but rather for yourself, could be a volunteer, could be paid.

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Hello @evrosport

If you want to get a general sense of whether your intended task is possible with Grasshopper/Kangaroo, how difficult it might be, and the general approach that could be taken, you could perhaps post a description of the task (in an abstracted form if you are concerned about the confidentiality of the project).

From there you might be able to find someone with the right skills and availability and reach an agreement with them.
If you want to simply hire someone directly to complete the task for you, please do post a job advert.

However, in either case, it is appropriate to pay them, not just offer a vague suggestion that they might get paid at some point. Seeking 2-3 weeks worth of unpaid work seems exploitative, and is illegal in many countries.