Log-In Security

I’ve registered my account for the new forum using the McNeel log-in and also registered with the wordpress/Gravatar website as suggested.

I’m concerned that McNeel appear to have added their log-in option reluctantly, referring to this quote from @brian from the newsgroup;

“OK, we’ll add the ability to login with a unique account. Bear in mind
that we at McNeel and the developers at Discourse will do a much worse
job of protecting your login credentials and personal information from
hackers than any of the federated login providers we offer.”

I’d prefer to use a McNeel log-in as I trust you guys, but security from hackers is pretty important, so I’m looking for advice on which of the other log-in options offered, would be a suitable choice for someone not active on any of them, yet looking for a secure route into here.

On the same topic of security, is the only way to log-out of the forum from the personal page, if so, perhaps a button top right, beside your name would be useful.


I think you’re probably OK either way. I suggest you read this thread. Certainly security matters to us, but we’re not going to pretend to be security experts; we’re relying on the Discourse team to do a good job!

Thanks for your feedback Brian, I guess I’m reassured that we are all in the same boat.