Lofting Metaball

Hie everyone,

I’m trying to loft metaballs curves, I found this way :

But there no way to make it work on my slow PC and I don’t need a closed surface.

It works with one ball :

But can’t make it with two (or more) I’ve tried grafted or flattened…

If someone have a clue : (11.0 KB)

Have a good day !

Flip Matrix before Loft.

check this file: METABALL EXPLORATION - (32.8 KB)

It works great !
What’s the use of flip matrix there ?
Thanks a lot Joseph.

Take a look at this:

Try connecting the ‘Tree/List Viewer’ tool before and then after Flip Matrix. Play with both sliders. See the difference?

Before Flip Matrix, each branch of the tree is a layer with one curve from each ball.
After Flip Matrix, each branch of the tree has all the curves for one ball, as you need for Loft. (28.2 KB)

Thanks for the explication, i’ll take time to check your examples…

I’ve got a new loft trouble,

Capture d’écran (29)_LI

Some are lofted “straigth” in green and some are “spinned” in red.

Don’t khnow why ! (15.8 KB)

Invert the ‘Adj’ input of Loft Options or set it manually (‘Align sections’) without the Loft Options component.

The seams (start/end points) are not aligned. It’s also possible to mess up Loft by having loft curves going opposite directions.

Im dumb your great !

Thanks a lot Joseph, have a good day !

Hi @Joseph_Oster
after metaballs(t), i want to make a loft with these polylines but i think the output list is stochastic and the loft is not possible. can you help me? (9.2 KB)

Seen this topic yet: Controlling the bridges in metaball geometry - #4 by martinsiegrist

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Simplify the poly curves
Sort by height
Remove unnecessary curves
Loft aligned

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There was a duplicate curve, reason it didn’t work.
Always inspect the data, put panels, bake … (11.1 KB)

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Hi @laurent_delrieu
thank you for your effort , but again it does not work. (15.1 KB)

it could be good you read the documentation about lofting. It is not a magical tool.
Or you group the curves or you follow others strategies

ok, but in this case, even though, the curves are aliened and logical but the loft is not working

when it doesn’t work, you must read the comments, then if not useful inspect the data.
Here I have first curve on top then 2nd botton then third upper … so just split the list and take others.
You can also bake the curve and inspect in Rhino …

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thanks a lot @laurent_delrieu
as a result, this is not efficient.

Most of the times meshes are more versatile/efficient. Making “pure” shape is a bit more difficult. A surface is just a deformed square.

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