Loft (History) - Change of Normal direction breakes History

Hi all,

In a particular case when I loft a bunch of curves, with History on, I always end up with the surface Normal direction in the wrong direction. And the problem is that changing Direction breaks the History.

So therefore, is it possible to control the Normal direction of a lofted surface already at the time of Lofting?

Any other solution to getting the Normal right without breaking History?

// Rolf

You can try flipping the direction of the original curves, this often works and preserves the history. --Mitch

Still no go. :frowning:

(I also tried running Loft in both directions (selecting curves in the opposite order, that is)

Ops, no, instead that works, that is, selecting the curves in the opposite order helps.

Strangely enough the options in the dialog gives different results, odd rows giving flipped surface Normal… But that can be tackled by selecting the curves in reversed order. Spooky this :slight_smile:

// Rolf