Local context help does not work for C++ plugin in Rhino8

We have a C++ plugin that was originally developed for Rhino 5-7 and now it is transferred to Rhino 8 (and is in continuous development). The plugin has many commands and each of them has a context help which is supposed to be displayed in the Command Context window (it is an important functionality).

However, the local context help appears to be broken in Rhino 8: specifically, the virtual function
virtual bool ContextHelpURL( ON_wString& url ) const
is not called when activating the Context Help window in Rhino. This worked in all previous versions of Rhino and C++ SDK. At the same time, the function virtual void DoHelp() is working as expected.


Is it possible for someone to look at this and prioritize fixing it?

This topic appeared earlier but was not addressed (Local help pages for plugin doesn't show in Rhino 8).

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This is a known issue for .NET plug-ins, thank you for reporting the same for C++ plug-in.


Thanks for quick response!