Loading data to grasshopper and accessing it with panels


I’m trying to create a way to load relatively large amount of data from excel to grasshopper and then manipulate the data with a preset amount of panels.

So my idea is that I would store all the data into one panel and then load part of the data to different panels which are connected to some other functions that transform the data into geometry. From this I could change part of the data from my preset amount of panels and then store it back to the data tree where it could then be later exported back to excel.

My idea is to change which part of the data is displayed with a drop-down list that takes the “header” of each data chunk.

I started doing this in a vba component in grasshopper but encountered one problem by far: I haven’t been able to update the panel values. I’ve used panel.addvolatiledata() method. It seems to change the value in the panel but does not update the downstream components.

Any help in this topic would be appreciated. If you have a better way of storing and accessing data inside the grasshopper I would like to know about that also.

With best regards
Matti Pirinen


I added a simple setup with C# scripting components. Is that similar to what you are looking for? No dropdown though, but maybe the slider to pick with helps?

select_section_from_text_csharp_v5.gh (9.4 KB)

Hello and thanks for the answer,

Unfortunately this was not exactly what i was looking for. I know how to do the string operations needed to pick the right part from a longer string.

My problem is how to update x amount of panels with code according to the selection. Maybe my explanation was not that good: My idea is that the panels are connected to some other components in the downstream. I want to initialize the values of the panels from my “database” = another panel. After that I want to be able to change the values by hand. That’s why i cannot connect the panels to some component that does the string operations.


Right, I thought that with

You had a problem with connected panels not being updated, nor was it clear that you want to change manually selected data. I understood from the initial explanation that the change would be done by your connected functions.

Could you perhaps create a mock-up GH definiton with annotations of what you want so that it is easier to see and understand what you are after?




I added a mock-up gh-definition to help explain.20171016_mockup.gh (10.7 KB)


@nathanletwory Have you had time to look at my example?

Hi @Matti_Pirinen, I have been bogged with Raytraced viewport mode work for upcoming Rhino 6. I hope to have a bit more time during the next week to further look into this.


Thanks @nathanletwory. No hurry.