List only the external GH plugins used in definition?

Is there a way to list the external GH plugins used by a definition? Not all the plugins, just the ones used in the open definition. This would be useful for collaborating, not to mention forum posting.

This script (from this) lists everything installed, how could this be filtered to only show externals, and only those in the current def?

List<string> names = new List<string>();
List<Guid> guids = new List<Guid>();

foreach ( Grasshopper.Kernel.GH_AssemblyInfo plugin in Grasshopper.Instances.ComponentServer.Libraries)

Names = names;
Guids = guids;

Metahopper has a component for that.


Thanks Michael

If you are interested in a python version, there is an example here:

Ah cool, I was also interested in how it was done via scripting. Thanks Chris