List of problems v6 - wip 7 the seam command fails

I have attached a video where I find several problems or I still don’t find out how to use the new rhinoceros interface.

How to remove rows of control points, both on SubD surfaces and on nurb surfaces or am I missing something? if they notice in the video they are not allowed to delete the points, it seems that they are only eliminated in one direction. and it is hard to eliminate the opposite
using the keyboard shortcut ctrl C Ctrl V causes rhino to freeze for a while.
Each time I adjust the seam, new isocurves are created making the surface more complex.

problem.3dm (290.6 KB)

Sorry for insisting again, but in both versions I see that the Seam command generates many control points in each movement.

With NURBS moving a seam usually requires additional control points because a new pair of edges at the new seam location is introduced Removing control points such as those associated with the old seam location will usually change the shape of the surface. That is how the math of NURBS works. It is not a defect in Rhino.

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@davidcockey, ok thanks i understand
but because in win 7 I can’t rotate the seam I have to send the file to v6 to do it
seam problem.3dm (451.5 KB)

Hello - SrfSeam works in V7 here, on this surface - what happens when you try?


in the video from the second 0:20 until 0:35 I try to rotate the seam and it doesn’t work
please review this new attachment
seam problem.3dm (456.7 KB)

Hello - I see it, thanks.

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