List Length after Path Mapper Changes

Hello everybody!

I have got a simple doubt but cant seem to figure it out. As shown in the image i have used pathmapper to divide a 100 branches of data into 33 branches but when i use list length to calculate the number of branches it still shows 100. I think im missing something simple but have no idea.

Can you post a grasshopper file that includes your input data? Difficult to help otherwise.


sorry ill post it here
List length (1.2 MB)

The list length in the screen shot above shows the list length of the Param Viewer.

You need to plug the output of the Path Mapper into the List Length component.

thanks martin. Actually what Im looking for is that since I have divided the 100 branches into 33 groups of 3 each I was expecting 33 to be the list length. I think the division has not occured rather just the change in path number. I think a seperate component is required for it. but i have no idea which one to use.

In that case why don’t you remap A;B to just floor(path_index/3) ?

yes.i think this is what i was looking for. thank you.

When you use Path Mapper to re-group your breps using the method above, this is the outcome (breps colored by groups and groups surrounded by bounding boxes):

Here is the sequence of the breps using this method (10 groups from the middle of the above image):

An alternate method that produces a more functional grouping:

  1. Group breps by proximity.
  2. Sort groups by X-Z position.
  3. Sort breps by X-Z position.

List length (1.2 MB)

About half of this definition is just for visualizing results.