Joining Breps - inconsistent results


(Isaac Mcnicol) #1

Hi guys,

I’m a relatively newbie to Grasshopper but enjoying having a go. I’ve gotten my definition to a point but having some problems with something that isn’t making any sense to me. Why are these two components yielding different results? I don’t understand…

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Architectural model (292.1 KB)

How to reorient groups of Breps
(Laurent Delrieu) #2

I understand why you ask the question and the answer is that The upper join sometimes output 2 open Brep. So the list will have more than 80 elements. You could group to suppress this problem.
You can also use Treesloth to renumber path.
{i,j} will become {k}

(Isaac Mcnicol) #3

Thanks for that Laurent and apologies for the slow reply. Yes, I think that is the answer. Sorry for asking a noobie question but I am a beginner with Grasshopper. I’m not sure how to use the group component to do what you’re suggesting. I can download the treesloth plugin too but not sure if I’ll be able to get it to behave as I’d like. Any pointers appreciated. Thanks.


(Laurent Delrieu) #4

Group is very simple to use and you are not a noobi when I see your definition.
Let sumarize. You have data in tree, but each branch has not always a single element. If you plug a list number you will see that most of the time output is one but sometime 2. SO if you plug a group there will be just one element (a group) in each branch.
I hope it is more clear. Don’t hesitate to ask here for clarification.

(Isaac Mcnicol) #5

Thanks again for that - I guess my real problem is that once I’ve grouped the data like that I’m unable to unroll the breps. clues?