Lissajous Curves Animation

I recreated this Lissajous curve animation in Grasshopper because I found it very nice.


Here the Grasshopper version, quite simple to recreate using Data Recorder and Slider animate then using Gif recorder from Daniel Piker. A bit limited here by size of the file. But I thought it was cool to publish.

Lissajous curves (20.3 KB)

1/4 Shift

A square



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Cool :smiley:

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That’s just what the doctor ordered. If you don’t mind, I’m going to make some bridge displays out of that.

I have about 40 little panels that need content and I can’t believe how involved it is. Some lissajous would fill up a couple of displays.

Thanks for asking. It is freely available.
It will be cool that you publish how it looks when finished.


it’s not near finished but here’s a render:

The red and green “sine wave” besidethe white sphere is taken from modified lissajous code.

The bridge isn’t very high detail because it’s meant to be viewed from outside the ship. It was just meant to check that my scaling worked and that things would fit given the canonical scale of the ship (417 feet at its widest part, the top edge of the saucer).

This is more like the kind of shots that I plan to take to demonstrate how things fit:

Here is one with fewer textures added:


Looks cool! What are you working on?

I’m doing this for fun. It’s something I’ve always wanted to try my hand at. I never knew that it would take so long but I do little bits at a time, an evening here or there, Sundays, that sort of thing.

I want to finish off the helm/navigation console, the science station, and the two, half sized, stations either side of the bridge, a couple more small screen images then I will be finished with the bridge.

I have friends coming over from Germany at the end of September so I’m making a push to get the bridge done and get most of the hanger bay interior in place. I downloaded a shuttle craft model (> 5K surfaces!) and I’m going to do some renders with the hanger bay door open and the shuttle craft leaving, or entering. That will show the scale and the artificial gravity orientation (down is up).

If you want to see more pics then go here:

It is out of date, it isn’t self illuminated, the turbolift is in the wrong position and not to scale but you can see the open hanger bay door. Imagine an upside down shuttle craft in the entrance.

My grand plan is to model the engine room in and import it into unreal studio. Gravity is going to behave like the carousel from 2001 a Space Odyssey (down will be towards the circumference of the room or the centre, I haven’t decided yet.). You can see that the front of the secondary hull is cylindrical, that is the engine room. The engines will look something like this: . The engines will fill most of the engine room and be much larger than a person. It will be a bit like the engine room of the Titanic. I’ve seen code to do custom gravity in unreal so I’m going to record a second person walkthrough. I will start from a turbolift near the top of the engine room and walk around the circumference to the “bottom”. I will be upside down compared to my starting point and then I will walk, towards the back of the ship to enter the hanger deck and board a shuttle. I will then fly the shuttle out of the main ship.

Of course, I haven’t even got round to modelling the engine room or hanger so this is some way off (a year or two at least).

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Very inspiring, @jmcauley! Thanks for the explanation. :slight_smile: