Links creation between table and nomenclature of a pattern

Hi All

I’m using Rhino 7 as a softwere to create 2d patterns and sometimes when making the nomenclatures of the different patterns i’m changing the materials of many pieces, this info is in the text nomenclature over the pattern.

Is there a way to create a link between the nomenclature and a kind of table that i can put inside rhino ?
The idea is the remplace one info present in the nomenclature in this table and that the nomenclature of all the pattern that are linked to the specific cells of this table i changed, the nomenclature of each pattern is changed automatically

Today, i need to do this manually on all the texts infos in each patterns when i want to change something like materials, version …

I think it’s possible to do something like this because i know that it’s possible to link a text to the file name for exemple

Thanks in advance fro your feedbacks



Hi Tim -

You can store user text in a key-value table on both the document and on objects. Those values can then be retrieved to be displayed in text strings with text fields. Information that is common to multiple objects will be stored on the document by using the Document User Text panel, and information for individual objects is created in the Properties panel, using the Attribute User Text tab.

For example:

Text fields for that text string: