To create a table and display in layout

How can a table be created and displayed in layout?

similar to displaying a schedule in Revit, is there any methods to display the area, length of the rhino objects in a table in the layout.

any help / links that solves this purpose?

Hi @HepChan,

Rhino does not have a table object. So any type of table, that you create will be custom.

Also, text can display properties such as area and length. Check the Rhino help file for “text fields.”

– Dale

I need help in creating custom table.

I somehow have to display a table in the layout page.

Any detailed sample code or links would be helpful.

Again, Rhino does not have any tools to create tables, other than drawing lines and text…

thank you Dale.

I was thinking if you meant some tools that can be used to create the table when you mentioned ‘custom table’.

Now that you mention by ‘drawing lines and text’, i get it.