Linetypes / print widths not represented on hatches


Unsure whether this is intended or not, however it seems hatches in V7 for MacOS do not honor the Print Width or Linetype properties, whether assigned directly to the object or inherited by layer. I also tested on the V8 WIP (for mac), with the same results. Interestingly V7 on windows displayed the width but not the linetype.

When hatches are exploded they adopt the properties as expected. The screenshot (in V7 on Mac) below shows the hatch and the bounding rectangle with the same Linetype and Print Width properties. When exporting to PDF the hatch does take on the line width, but not the linetype,

Thoughts? It would be good to have both of the properties available for preview within the viewport without exploding them.

I think that is intended, the 'linetype" of a hatch is determined by the definition of the hatch pattern, not the linetype style that is applied in Rhino. If you explode the hatch, the individual curve (line) elements each take on the linetype that was applied to the hatch (except for ‘solid’ hatches, of course).

Line widths on the other hand are not part of a hatch pattern definition, so they are set to whatever is ‘default’ when created, but do reflect any print width setting that has been applied when printing, and also in the on-screen display if you have PrintDisplay set to On.

Thanks for the response! I see your point however, I’d suggest that the inconsistencies in Print Width display (Mac vs Windows) are some sort of bug/missed item.

I’d also like to suggest hatches honoring linetypes as a feature request. For myself, the use case is in architectural documentation where you might want to phase something for demolition (say brickwork), and dashing the line could help with clarity.

This isn’t the end of the world though!

Hi Nathan -

I checked this on the Rhino 8 WIP on macOS and that seems to be behaving the same way as it does on Windows, so this appears to have gotten fixed at some point.