Line Perp to curve in Front view is anything but!


simple task. or so I thought. one line one curve !

I have a curve that is planar and leaning over at an angle in Right view. I am viewing it in front view and need to draw straight lines out from the points along it, such that those lines appear perp to the line in Front View.

I use the line perpendicular from curve tool and select my curve and I am getting a line going all over the place. Even as I pick the line the start of my line jumps along the curve somewhat !

What must I do to be able to draw perp to this curve, apparent perp that is. I guess the line is trying to be on the curves planar aspect ?
LinePerpToCurveIssue.3dm (24.6 KB)

Dunno, seems to be working as expected here - I draw a line perpendicular from the curve in Front view, it is vertical looking from the Right view… I have Planar on with Point Osnap… The macro I use is:

! _Line _Perpendicular _Pause _FromFirstPoint


Hi Steve- hold Shift (Ortho) when setting the line direction.



Planar was what was missing !

Its odd though, it gives me a few chocies and I need to consult Right view to see if its vertical there and choose the one that is, else it isnt perp.

(wouldnt have thought to use right view to check things, you guys are that one step ahead…or many ! :slight_smile:

Ortho on also vital, a la Pacal.

What is odd is that its fine until i hit F for from last click, as I want them from points on the line, then it starts doing extra angles on me.