Line over scanned image

Is it just me? I found that all the lines I draw fall behind scanned imported images with the PictureFrame command.
Lines and picture are on the same layer, of course.

Windows Rhino has the following commands to help with curve display order, but I’m not sure if they’ve been implemented in the Mac version yet:

BringForward, BringToFront, SendBackward, SendToBack

If not, you might try moving your picture frame object a little bit downwards in Z (to be “physically” below the curves).


What’s even more curious is that the same file, on Rhino Windows, works correctly.
Seems a Mac Rhino issue to me.

Could be… MacRhino’s display works differently than Windows Rhino, or something might not yet be hooked up correctly (or at all…)


I cannot duplicate this.

Neither I. I try to go back a replicate this problem but was unsuccessful.
Seems like I missed some steps on the way.