Line Joint Component


I am trying to use the Karamba3d Line-Joint Component from the latest nightly built, but it does not seem to be doing much for me.

To get an understanding of how the component works I created a very simple structure that exists of two slabs point supported at the end and added a line joint in the middle between them. The picture below shows the displacement of the slab and hopefully helps understanding how the structure is set up.


When I release the line-joint in the middle between the beams in all directions I would assume the structure becomes unstable but nothing happens, so obviously I am doing something wrong with how the joint is defined.

I uploaded the .gha file and it would be very helpful if someone could tell me what I am doing wrong here. Thanks in advance! (36.0 KB)

Hello @lfuhrimann,

the specification of the joint’s Y-Orientation needs to point perpendicular to the joint. See the attached file: (27.8 KB) .

I am currently fixing a problem with joints in connection with buckling and natural vibration calculations, then I plan to update the manual and add a section covering line-joints.
– Clemens