Joint orientation problem karamba3d

I have a problem of 2 different joint orientations when making a tree-like beam structure. Beams with joints rotating around y axis seem to be properly oriented around the global y axis but the same is not true for the other beams that are supposed to rotate around global x axis. From the model it is clear that their joint orientations axis are aligned with the axis of the same element. That results in big moments being generated because the joint is not oriented properly and the beam size increases substantially. The weird thing is that both these lists are generated in the same way so I have no idea why it works properly for one direction and not the other.
I hope someone knows the issue. Thanks in advance!

Joint problem karamba3d.3dm (4.0 MB)
Joint problem (41.0 KB)

Hi, joints are always defined according to the local axis of the elements.

You can check the axis in the modelview component

I gues I phrased the question the wrong way. What i dont understand is why i have pairs of elements in one direction that have only axial tension (or compression) and in the other direction (90 deg rotated) i get moments. I want to have only axial or only moments in each joint and I dont know how to do that.

Hi, if you only want tension and compression at the joints, why don’t you set those elements as truss elements