Line attract point problem

Hi I want to make circle to be bigger as it close to the line but it doesn’t look right.

I watched some tutorials similar to my idea.

Does anyone can help?


line attract point.3dm (161.7 KB)
Line attract (9.6 KB)

Many people can help, but you didn’t provide script :disappointed_relieved:
read that please

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I changed my post like that


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I made some correction the main is at the point closest your graft the curve and here it is not good.
As points are grafted, and curve are in a list the component will do something like that :
For each point calculate distance for each curve. These distances will go in a branch as a list, the list is sorted and then I extract the first item => index 0.

And it seems to workLine attract (20.2 KB)

Thank you Laurent
That is exactly what I was looking for!