Selecting points near a curve


Brick (25.5 KB) How can I select the middle point of the curves that are near the sine curve? I have tried Curve Closest Point, but for some reason it is not attracting any middle point.

My main goal is to attract the middle points that are near the sine curve so I can be able to keep those extruded and flatten out the ones that are farther away from the sine curve.

I hope I am explaining this clearly.

I have attached the script I am using as well as a picture of what I am trying to do!

Brick (25.5 KB)

Your goal isn’t clear to me at all but I had some fun anyway by making up an attractor goal, scaling the vertical lines before they are lofted.

Brick (25.7 KB)

Brick (17.8 KB)


Thank y’all so much! I really appreciate it!