Limit of 1000 crv edit points?

There appears to be a limit of 1000 crv edit points. I just noticed this when rebuilding a 2 km long crv along which I need an edit point every 1 metre. Was this (admittedly reasonably high) limit put in on purpose?

Are you on Rhino 4? The limit appears to be 5000 points for rebuilding on Rhino 5. Though I think a warning dialog to proceed over that number might be better than a hard limit.

Meanwhile you could split your curve in the middle and join back up after rebuilding as a workaround.

I am on Rhino 5, latest SR. Yes, splitting into smaller crvs would solve the issue. I did not notice the issue immediately and ended up doing subsequent operations and a lot of rendering time twice. It would be better if R5 failed with a loud bang.


Why not to convert it into a polilyne?
The error should be acceptable.

Or, maybe, use the divide tool to have bounce of points every meter.

Yes, it seems DivideCurveLength is the way to go (I do this with Python). Thanks for your suggestion.

Just ran a few more tests in Rhino proper. The Rebuild command works as expected up to 1000 edit points. As soon as this becomes 1001 or more points, turning on the edit points does not do anything, i.e. the edit points are not shown. This is irrespective of the degree of the new curve. Interestingly, when this new crv is the rebuild again with less than 1000 edit points, all is back to normal. In other words: An e1001+ curve is not corrupted. It is just that the edit points cannot be enabled, so this appears to be just a display bug.

In RhinoPython, on the other hand, the RebuildCurve command will actually incorrectly return an e1000 curve when an e1001+ curve is requested. If, like I did in my script, the number of points is determined by dividing the crv length by the desired spacing, this will give an incorrect number of points and hence the wrong spacing. This would be a bug, in my opining. RebuildCurve returns True in such cases. Should this not be False?