Licensing Rhino

If you are installing Rhino for the 1st time, you have a choice to make.

Do you want to run on one machine only, or do you want to be able to run on any machine you choose (Mac or PC, but only one at a time)

If you want to run on one machine only:
Download Rhino from here:

Then check your email and look for a message from Sales or Brian Gillespie that contains your license key. Look in your spam or junk if you did not get it.

Install and launch Rhino and choose the “add a license” option from the “Rhino needs a license” dialog box.

Launch Rhino and follow the directions for validating your license. Make sure you are using the same email you used to download or purchase your license.

You should now be fully licensed and validated. Launch Rhino and make great things.

If you want to run on more than one machine or run on both Mac and a Pc.

You will license via Cloud Zoo. (not "The Zoo… they are different)

1st, Set up an account here:

Set is up and get it running, then go to licenses>personal>add a license. This is where you will add you license key that you received via email.

Install Rhino and Launch it.

Choose “Login” from the “Rhino needs a License” dialog box. ( the top pick in the dialog box)

It will launch a web browser and prompt you to login to your Rhino account that you previously set up.

It will then license Rhino and prompt you to return to Rhino.

Return to Rhino and follow the instructions for validating your license (if asked to). Use the same email you used to download (eval) or buy your license.

Hopefully this will help you get up and rolling, if not, hit us up on tech support.

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