License error - rhino 7

I just downloaded Rhino 7, the trial version, and when I enter the license code, which was sent to my email account, it says it’s not valid or has expired. In the email, it says the license expires on January 28, 2022. I’ve already tried to fix the installation and restarted my Pc but the problem persists.
I’ve attached an image for you to see the problem.

Hope there is a solution to this.

Thanks for listening.
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Have you already had a V7 trial version once before? If so and the 90 days from the first one have expired, then the second key will not work, despite what the e-mail says. If you have never downloaded a trial version before, and your key expired early, please contact for help.

Note also that the 90 days begins from the time you first downloaded the trial version, not when you installed it. The key is generated at the time of the download and is automatically set to expire 90 days later.

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