Library for rhino

Is there any library for rhino, in order to include people, trees, furniture etc in my drawings, like 3d warehouse for sketchup?

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Rhino doesn’t include a library of models like this but anything you find online should import. If you just need 2D People or Trees for rendering, look up RPC objects. These will work with Rhino Render and are essentially planes with a transparency map. There are RPC libraries available online and some may be free.

SAVANNA3D contains over 1000 detailed 3-D models in 3DM format. These models - which include Furniture, fixtures, 2D-People, office equipment, TVs, and more – are ready to be inserted in to Rhino to give you a head start.
SAVANNA3D is now part of the Rhino Visual Tips 5.

Brian and Steve, Thank you soooo much !!!

Is Savannah 3D still the latest and best general models library out there for rhino? I find the models from grabcad and other places are too dirty (waaaay too many meshes) and don’t offer a good selection of general furniture.

Why not just grab items from the sketchup warehouse? They will import into rhino generally pretty well. With trim planes turned in the import options, you will have reasonably editable nurb outcomes (curves beware). Meshing on import otherwise fine.
Heaps of other sites allow asset downloads in mesh form for free, or a fee for some specialised models.

This site is the most extensive library of shared Rhino NURBS models that I know of…
Have fun!


Thank you

Brian, thanks again for this link, but I was hoping to find a compiled library of standard furniture and appliance models that are non-mesh for Rhino specifically. Does anything other than 3d savannah come to mind?

Yeah, you have to look in the ‘data’ info for each file there to see if it’s NURBS. The collection has grown a lot since the site was started and now there are mesh objects too. Savannah 3D is the other option I know of and that sounds like the type of format you’re after.

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