Legend Colors

Hi there,

I am having some trouble understanding the new way that Karamba has to plot the colours based on number:
I remember that earlier built-version used to work how I supposed to do.
The legend colours is not assigning the right colour based on the colours that I have defined.
It completely miss the “orange” and “yellow” for example.
Am I wrong or it is a bug?
What I would like is to associate the “lower Result Threshold” to the red and the Upper result Threshold to the blue and all the rest to be interpolated.

On your result Threshold, use “% of range” to have the colors of your gradient.
With the “absolute values” only half of your gradient colors are used.


why only half of my gradients should be taken?
Karamba behaviour was different before and it was making much more sense.

I found a work-around to make it work as before but I would like to know what’s the reason.

negative value threshold

positive value threshodl

Dear @mp1,

as compared to earlier versions of Karamba3D there has been a change with respect to how the legend colors are distributed: If the number range includes zero then the colors get centered around it. This aims at achieving a more stable color distribution for varying number range limits.
You can switch off this option by setting ‘center_color_range_on_zero’ to ‘false’ in the ‘karamba.ini’-file.
More details on the legend colors can be found in the Karamba3D manual, version 1.3.2, section 3.6.1. ‘ModelView’, paragraph ‘Colors’.