Learning Python advice needed

I have just started to learn Python and have created a small Ui to select between import and export and a drop down list to select the file format to work with.

How do I create the options that if import and SC4W is selected then codeA is run, if import and Tritop are selected then codeB is run etc.

The actual Rhino functions in Python are quite straight forward but combining forms and an interface to give choices is where I find the info slightly lacking so all help appreciated.

# Imports
import Rhino
import scriptcontext
import System
import Rhino.UI
import Eto.Drawing as drawing
import Eto.Forms as forms
import rhinoscriptsyntax as rs

# ImportExportPoints dialog class
class ImportExportPointsDialog(forms.Dialog[bool]):

    # Dialog box Class initializer
    def __init__(self):
        # Initialize dialog box
        self.Title = "Import Export Points"
        self.Padding = drawing.Padding(10)
        self.Resizable = False

        # Create controls for the dialog
        self.m_import_checkbox = forms.CheckBox(Text = 'Select if import points')
        self.m_import_checkbox.Checked = True
        self.m_export_checkbox = forms.CheckBox(Text = 'Select if export points')

        self.m_combobox = forms.ComboBox()
        self.m_combobox.DataStore = ['SC4W', 'Tritop', 'Excel']
        self.m_combobox.SelectedIndex = 0

        self.m_label = forms.Label(Text = 'Select Format:')

        # Create the default button
        self.DefaultButton = forms.Button(Text = 'OK')
        self.DefaultButton.Click += self.OnOKButtonClick

        # Create the abort button
        self.AbortButton = forms.Button(Text = 'Cancel')
        self.AbortButton.Click += self.OnCloseButtonClick

        # Create a table layout and add all the controls
        layout = forms.DynamicLayout()
        layout.Spacing = drawing.Size(5, 5)
        layout.AddRow(self.m_label, self.m_combobox)
        layout.AddRow(None) # spacer
        layout.AddRow(self.DefaultButton, self.AbortButton)

        # Set the dialog content
        self.Content = layout

    # Start of the class functions

    # Get the value of the first checkbox
    def GetImport(self):
        return self.m_import_checkbox.Checked
    # Get the value of the first checkbox
    def GetExport(self):
        return self.m_export_text_box.Checked

    def GetFormatOption(self):
      return self.m_combobox.SelectedIndex

    # Close button click handler
    def OnCloseButtonClick(self, sender, e):

    # OK button click handler
    def OnOKButtonClick(self, sender, e):
    ## End of Dialog Class ##

def rogerScript(Import, Export, FormatOption):
  # So we got 3 params: the first 2 are self explanatory
  # And the third one is the format option: 0 = SC4W, 1 = Tritop, 2 = Excel

Hi @RogerD,

Try the attached.

RogerD.py (3.6 KB)

– Dale

Thanks Dale just what I needed.