Leader bug and system hardlock

Hi @Pascal,

i am getting frequent hardlocks when i create a leader and then change then either the leader text justification or access the drop down menu below the justification buttons. With hardlock, i mean the whole system freezes and i need to reboot using the reset switch. This happened on SR22 and SR23 (Win7).

If i open Rhino and create a leader after reboot, i cannot force this hardlock, but i can repeat what is shown in the video:

If i create a leader and edit eg. its justification, then click in an empty area to unselect it, it obviously is unselected (the properties vanish) but the highlight is still there. May this have something to do with the hardlocks i get ?


Hi Clement, thanks, I’ll test it.
I see the highlight problem.


Good. It seems the hardlocking i get has something to do with the dim style. If i do not add my own one, i can stress the properties panel without a problem. If i add my dim style (scripted) it either starts to behave as described in this thread (llags up to 10seconds), or locks up my whole system. Should i post that dimstyle ?


Hi Clement - please post or send me the dimstyle, thanks.


Hi Pascal, i’ll attach the script which creates that style: TestScript.zip (1.6 KB)

I’ve experienced at least one hardlock when changing some values for this style under Document Properties > Annotation Styles. The fun part is, i cannot repeat it right after re-opening Rhino. It only happens in the middle of an unsafed modeling session.


Perfect… OK, I’ll take a look, thanks.
@clement - does the lock-up happen while you are inside DocumentPropperties? On that annotation style page? (so far none here)


Hi @pascal, i had 1 lockup in the document properties panel and 2 when trying to change the dropdown menu value below the leader justification buttons.

You’re on Win10 or 7 ?

Hi Clement - windows 10, yes… and in English - are you running Windows and/or Rhino in German?


Hi @pascal, yes Win7 is german but Rhino is english install.


RH-57364 is fixed in the latest Service Release Candidate

Hi @pascal,

i got a crash today after i double clicked a leader and send in the error report. In case it does not come through, this is the info:

Problemereignisname: APPCRASH
Anwendungsname: Rhino.exe
Anwendungsversion: 6.23.20055.13111
Anwendungszeitstempel: 5e54423f
Fehlermodulname: KERNELBASE.dll
Fehlermodulversion: 6.1.7601.24545
Fehlermodulzeitstempel: 5e0eb6bd
Ausnahmecode: c000041d
Ausnahmeoffset: 000000000000b87d
Betriebsystemversion: 6.1.7601.
Gebietsschema-ID: 1031
Zusatzinformation 1: a07a
Zusatzinformation 2: a07ad9e94422e235a3852d4b8096bdcd
Zusatzinformation 3: 9dbf
Zusatzinformation 4: 9dbf36b965309f4b4fffeb7ba0303fda

I hope these problems could be adressed in an upcoming SR, the highlight problem reported as fixed by Brian above really is a very minor thing compared to crashes and system lockups.