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Hi Everybody!

We use alot of leaders in our technical drawings. if I use leader on left side of the drawing, align looks weird for me.
I think it would be better looking if it aligns to the left side, not to the right side. Leader arrow should start from the end of first row. If more rows, second -> rows lenghts should be maximum first row. Vertical centering might be also better…
I think arabian is aligned from right to left…

Might be difficult for developers to get it work but now we have to use leader arrows and add text block -> double job…

Best Wishes:

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Hi Wagner
Try this script if it can help you. Run the script and select a leader that you want modify
VittorioLeaderGiustifica.py (1.1 KB)

Hi Vittorio!

Thank you it works great!
I’m able to work with this command right now.

Anyway I wish there will be align (left, center right) in leader properties in the future (hopefully R5 update or R6).

Happy customer:

Edit: It makes align correct, but it changes the height of the text in our template. I couldn’t fix the text size from the leader properties. I changed the size of arrow and it worked, but text didn’t…


Hi Wagner
Test the new version that keeps the starting settings.
Let me know how if it goes well
LeaderGiustificaNew.py (1.3 KB)

Hi again!

I tried it. It worked well before I wanted to move leader edit points. Before script, leader had only 2 points. Now there is three points. Of course, there is possible to pick all 3 points when moving, but it would be easiest only with 2 points.

I think this would be easiest way. Maybe it is not possible…

Anyway, this already helps me!
Thank you for your help :slight_smile: