Layout Name on PDF Output

When printing layout pages, why does the PDF generated have a name of untitled ? I need my sheets to keep the name of the layout page ? Have I missed something 🀷 Help needed, tia :blush:

Hello - so far as I can tell, the layout names are never applied automatically to the pdf output - Mac shows Untitled, admittedly not very helpful and Windows offers the file name, which makes at least some sense. Probably it can be made smarter and more consistent at least, but I do not know if the layout page name should be used automatically - what happens if you print multiple layouts? in that case revert to the file name? That also seems messy to me.
RH-64199 Print: Offer layout name as the pdf file name


Thanks for clearing up @pascal, as an end user bashing out sheet layouts this doesn’t make sense 🀷. A simple check box to use (or not use) the layout sheet name would be a solution. Try banging out 50 sheet pages everyday and then having to rename or copy paste the layout name into the PDF output process :weary::crazy_face:

One of my goals for v8 is to add the ability to export a pdf per selected layout. Hopefully that will relieve even more of the pain.


its a must, this will save time, and the need to have new hands/wrists/fingers rebuilt by the time I retire :joy::joy:

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