LayerBook - New Feature in Rhino 7 WIP

Use LayerBook to create slideshow style presentations in your models using Rhino directly. Can be used by anyone that wants to explain a model or 3d concept.

  • Quickly create simple presentations and tutorials within Rhino the 3DM file.
  • Easy to use single command that can be mastered in a few minutes and then used to
  • Use standard Rhino 3d navigation in the presentation

Next Steps:

  1. Download Rhino 7 WIP for windows8logo Windows or finderLogo Mac
  2. Download the LayerBook.3dm file and open the example model in Rhino.
  3. Start the LayerBook command.
  4. Follow the instructions in model.
  5. Visit the LayerBook Help topic for more details.
  6. Ask questions and give feedback on the LayerBook forum.

This is a work in progress feature and we are looking for feedback.!