Slideshow By Layer

I started to document an idea I had for an algorithm, illustrating each step of the algorithm on a separate sub layer, and what I would like to be able to do is to set the Layer table in a mode in which hidden layers become visible when selected (only). By doing so it would mimic kind of a slideshow, which is the end goal, a slideshow to highlight each step (layer).

Of course I could just take screenshots of each step, but the power of animating the layers in this way can be combined with other things in Rhino/Grasshopper/Bongo which can be very powerful, which still being able to manually poke around in the model.

A Layer structure could look something like this, and while walking up and down the layer tree each layer would get highlighted and, optionally, hiedden again when stepping down to the next layer

    1. BoundingBox (bb)                      [hidden ]
->  2. Circle.Radius = bb.Diagonal/2 <-      [visible]
    3. And so on                             [hidden ]

Perhaps one can already do something like this with the existing functionality, and if so let me know. Of course it can be scripted, but a vanilla Rhino slideshow would be gold… Like so:

// Rolf

WIP… Layerbook?

Hm, I will have to look that up. Never heard of it.

// Rolf